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frequently asked questions
What materials do you use for HORIZON upholstered furniture?
We cut and welded legs from ordinary iron; for corners of HORIZON upholstered furniture we use oak. We use modern, durable Apparel fabrics. All items are subject to GOST.
Is it possible to order a sofa with a different color fabric?
Of course. The item’s product page provides all possible fabric colors. Our managers will give you options for upholstery, which can decorate the seat, backrest, and pillows of the sofa. All fabrics for the HORIZON collection have monochrome colors.
How the legs on the HORIZON sofa are made?
The legs are made of metal, covered with polymer paint, which creates a strong film on the surface. It protects the legs from bumps, chips, scratches. We use the technology of powder coloration - the most reliable to date. So, with careful use, it is almost impossible to damage the paint.
CUBE44 furniture is made of metal. Is it very heavy?
Not at all. We weld metal frames from the so-called square tube. It's hollow inside and not heavy at all.
Can I return the furniture if it does not fit?
Of course. By law, you can return unused furniture within 14 days. Please contact us on the website to initiate your return request and mention the reason for return.
Do you have warranty service?
Of course. Even though we are confident in the high quality of our furniture, if you need repair, we will repair the malfunction. CUBE44 furniture is covered by 1 year warranty.
Is all furniture on the website made by CUBE44?
The site hosts furniture by CUBE44 and by other manufacturers as well. On the collections page, the collections made by CUBE44 are marked with our logo.

Modern trends in design are aimed at minimalism, giving preference to space and functionality. A designer sofas allow the space to stand out, create an individual interior of the room. Loft style is a relatively new trend. It is characterized by the absence of separators and increased amount of space in the room. A sofa in the loft style interior allows to zone the room while performing its direct function.

Designer Sofas in Kiyv – Distinctive Features

The sofa in the minimalist style perfectly integrates into any interior. Its distinctive features are:

  • monochrome upholstery (mainly in warm colors);
  • relevant size;
  • lack of accessories or decor;
  • combination of textiles, metal, and wood;
  • the simplicity of design.

When a room is designed in loft style, the minimum amount of furniture is used. The sofa should not be "tied" to the walls. The main thing is that it should be in harmony with other elements of the interior. Loft style allows combination of otherwise rarely combined materials (for example, real wood and plastic).

In fact, loft style involves the use of industrial elements, for which functionality and comfort are of utmost importance. Today, this style of furniture is mostly used by people of creative professions, those who love a lot of space, but restricted in their budget.

Consider a Sofa in Loft Style: Choose the Ultra Modern

CUBE44 online shop is distinguished by following the fashion trends. At CUBE44 you can buy designer sofas in loft style. The HORIZON collection designed by Pavel Vetrov is an excellent example of functional, but comfortable, furniture without the unnecessary elements, that distract attention.

Sofas and minimalism are the two areas, in which CUBE44 specializes. The advantages of working with our online shop:

  • we sell exclusive sofas, which we produce ourselves in collaboration with renowned furniture designers;
  • models are made of high-quality materials (cold rolling, stainless steel, real wood, wood veneer);
  • you may appreciate our work before buying in the appropriate section of the online catalogue or in showrooms in Kiev;
  • we offer free delivery of ordered sofas within the Kiev area;
  • it is possible to deliver to the regions via the carrier company .
The new sofa is a real investment - not only money, but also of your time. Since you certainly would like your sofa to serve you for a long time and that it would also look pleasing to the eye - take the time to prepare for the purchase and do not miss the important nuances to make the best choice:
  1. Size and shape. Most often the size of the room dictates the parameters and shape of the sofa. In form they differ usually island, straight or angular sofa. If you want to make a sofa the central point of a spacious room, pay attention to the island sofas. They occupy somewhat more space, but they also guarantee considerably more seats.
  2. Style. Of course, it is very important that you choose a piece of furniture for your house that you will enjoy, but remember that it is better not to succumb to short-term fashion trends. For an urban interior it is worth to buy designer sofas that will long look fashionable and relevant: in the Scandinavian style, loft, minimalism, with a combination of wood and metal. Pay attention to the convenience and ergonomics, not just the appearance.
  3. The color palette. If you like to constantly add something new to your interior: for example, you are permanently buying new pillows, changing curtains, hanging colorful shelves, then give preference to the sofa in neutral colors. A couch in loft style will be a great solution for you. First, the loft style is characterized by restrained tones and colors. Secondly, it will be quite easy for you to select different decorations to refresh the interior.
  4. Combination. Decide in advance whether you want to put a coffee table next or chairs. Choose the set with particular care. In Cube44 furniture collections you can easily select a harmonious sofa in loft style and a coffee table made of wood and metal, which will help make the interior of your living room or office reception atmospheric and comfortable.
  5. Fabric. Very often designer couches surprise buyers not only with form, but also with materials. Velvet and corduroy on the cushions of the sofa look amazing and expensive. But this is hardly a very good solution if you have children or pets. Pay attention to the wear resistance of the fabric, which determines how long the fabric will look good and fresh. When buying furniture for the outdoor, you should choose materials with particular care. In our online store you can buy designer sofas not only in a large selection of colors, but also order with a special moisture-repellent fabric for outdoor terraces or street cafes.

Unique Sofa Design

Buying a designer sofa in Kiev, Odessa, Dnipro, Kharkov, Zaporozhye, Lviv and other cities is very easy on the Cube44 site or in partner stores:

  • Stylish original design. The design of the Twin Sofa received the highest award at the contest Ukrainian Design: The Very Best of, 2017.
  • Choice of fabric colors and sizes.
  • Quality production and guarantee for all furniture.
  • Easy returns.
  • Fast delivery over Ukraine. Delivery in Kiev for free.

To buy a sofa from our collections, you can use the contact form on the website or come to our office. Please, call us with any questions.

Please take advantage of our delivery options or pick up your furniture from the warehouse. Our small and dedicated team will always help any client, walk-ins are welcome. Our approach is tailored individually to every client.