Sofa Horizon 2 For Rent

грн. 41630.6 В наличии
Rental price per day : 41 631 UAH
Quantity: 10

Prices are valid only for sale on the territory of Ukraine

Furniture rental terms
Minimum time 24 hours
Security deposit
100% of product price
Rental price per day
Return time till 12.00 am

The customer can make transportation by own means from the Cube44’s warehouse in Kyiv, Petropavlovskaya Borshchagovka area and return after the lease expires. Please contact manager to get the address.


Cube44 can make delivery to the customer's address. The transportation tariff is negotiated individually with each client according to the delivery address and urgency.

Acceptance and return

The parties sign an act of transfer and inspection of furniture upon receiving and returning

  • In case of obvious damage of furniture (the countertop is broken, the metal is bent, the part is torn out, obvious spots, damage to soft cushions, etc.), the full payment or the cost of repair works is charged from the сustomer if the furniture is to be repaired, according to the price list from the security deposit
  • Evaluation is carried out by the representative of Cube44 at the time of back receipt of furnitur.

Size: 1500 х 830 х 700