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frequently asked questions
Should I make some prepayment to order designer lamp?
When furniture is being produced on your pre-order we might ask for 50-100% prepayment. Our manager will provide all the details.
Can I order different models of lamps or pendants?
In our shop you will find lamps and pendants for any room and space. You can make any order.

Various shapes and sizes of lamps from the store's range will emphasize the individuality of the interior and complement the furniture in the loft style. You will easily find a harmonious combination for wooden furniture and "industrial" decoration of the walls in the CUBE44 catalog.

Lighting in the house or apartment influences not only practical side of living, but also works upon comfort atmosphere creation. Therefore before buying fixtures or lamps, it is worth consider the choice from both practical and creative point of view.

Designer Lighting For All Styles

The choice of lamps, pendants and floor lamps is carried out at the final stage of interior design. It's easier to supplement the created style with accents than to create a frame for selected lamps. In CUBE44 you can buy a luminaire suitable for the variable interior styles. The assortment of the store includes:

  • laconic models;
  • with decorative elements;
  • with bright shades.

Multilevel lighting of the space requires the availability of general illumination and point light. Buy a lamp in Kiev or any other Ukrainian city for a moderate price and with confidence in the high quality of components you can in our store online.

The choice of materials for plafond is vast and using the imagination you can choose:

  1. Metal - solid metal lamps, products with forged elements;
  2. Glass ceiling - whole, stained-glass windows;
  3. Plastic - imitation glass or light plastic models;
  4. Textiles - classic and lampshades in simple execution.
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For the home office or library, personal cabinet - the best solution would be to buy a lamp with an all-metal casing. The strict design and ease of implementation will harmoniously complement the interior of the room. Designer lamps in loft style are available in in Kiev, Lvov, Odessa, Dnepr, Zaporozhie, Kharkov and other cities while ordering from us.

Designer Lamps For Modern and Classic Interiors

Designer creative lamps are appropriate in the kitchen, in the bedroom and in the living room. For rooms with a minimal amount of furniture, such products will become a central decorative element. For a spacious living room, it is appropriate to choose a three-dimensional model or a one-piece construction.

In small rooms in order to put illumination over a coffee table designer lamps with a dot light would be appropriate. If you want to refresh the room and add a few bright accents, the fixtures can play a major role for your aim.

Laconic Pendants in the Minimalistic Style

Lamps and pendants with a restrained and simple design will complement both the rich interior and the minimalist style. Such lamps consist, as a rule, of a monophonic plafond with a simple silhouette and a base without decorative elements. The colors of plafonds are chosen depending on the colors in the interior. Minimalism is not inherent in bright accents, that is why the fixtures in the minimalist style usually is a combination of neutral color and simple form.

Advantages of ordering pendants in CUBE44:

  • a wide choice of lamps and floor lamps for all rooms;
  • you can buy lamps in Ukraine from world famous designers;
  • acceptable prices;
  • top quality and reliability.

Ordering a lamp with us, you do not have to wait a long time. While the order of an exclusive lamp from Europe will be carried out for several weeks, you can already use pendant at affordable price. The final renovation of the interior will not take long.