Interior Design

Our company is expanding and we are pleased to present you a new direction, i.e. interior visualization. You are doing repairs, yet you cannot imagine how your apartment or office will look like when finished with furniture and decor? We are ready to assist you at this point. We will draw a plan and types of rooms for you, while maintaining all the exact sizes and proportions. We’ll also select furniture, make a 3D design of all objects, and offer layout options. In visualizations, we can use not only Cube 44 furniture, but also items from other manufacturers according to your desire. We will provide all files to you electronically or print an album. Your project will get tangible! The price is calculated individually, from $ 3 per sq. meter.

Interior Visualizations

In order for the office work to be effective, it is important to create a comfortable space.

The living space shall make you relax, give comfort and delight the eye. To visualize the apartments..

Creating large residential facilities there are a lot of details that need to be taken into account.

To create a public interior, it is important to create a mood and comfort. In our visualizations, we build..

The interior of the retail space is a separate direction in design.

Does your interior need a specific piece of furniture that you cannot find anywhere? Not a problem!

Get atmospheric room decoration from Cube 44: what the professional interior design encompasses

Visualization of the interior is an important stage in home improvement, which clearly shows the appearance even before the start of repair operations or even during the construction of the building. The interior design service shows in detail how the space will look. If desired, at this stage it is allowed to change certain areas, replace objects, which would be difficult to do in a real arrangement without preliminary design. Workshop Cube 44 creates visualizations for rooms of any direction, home rooms or workspaces.

What the interior design services include

Specialized design projects are an opportunity to decide on the layout of rooms, the arrangement of furniture and household appliances before buying furniture. After the interior design service, the customer sees the image and adjusts it to the ideal setting. He/she also tells what items to remove, what to deliver, where to move. Our team, together with the client, creates a space in which it will be comfortable to be, live or work.

The range of our services includes:

  • development of sketches for a given style and purpose;
  • selection of room equipment;
  • development of designer furniture for the concept;
  • visualization of all objects in realistic 3D format;
  • registration in electronic format or in a special album.

As part of the interior design service, our craftsmen draw plans in exact accordance with the size of the premises. We visualize all objects in the correct proportions in order to correctly and clearly place them on the sketch.

Interior design services: implementation stages and directions

Studio Cube 44 specializes in serving individuals and specialized enterprises. We develop design projects for the arrangement of:

  •         offices;
  •         apartments;
  •         houses;
  •         cafes;
  •         shops & malls.

We take into account the specifics of the situation. For private homes, we make a lot of details that are needed in everyday life and create coziness. For apartments, we focus on compactness and a relaxing atmosphere. In office premises, the designer implements a comfortable working environment, taking into account the necessary furniture for the type of activity: customer service, meeting rooms, archive stands and other moments. We pre-negotiate all these nuances with the customer and make a list of what is required for their work. The specificity is also taken into account when developing projects for cafe-restaurants and shops. It is possible to order an interior design from us for premises of any purpose.

During cooperation, our team goes through the following stages:

  1.     Making a list of wishes and needs. You will need data on the size of the room, the presence of windows and doorways, erected and dismantled partitions, and other special places. We make a detailed description for a clear picture.
  2.     The choice of style and color scheme. We coordinate all directions with the customer, we get information about preferences and needs. We learn in detail what a person needs in this room, what to avoid, what ideas he wants to implement and what he/she wants to get as a result. The more information the client provides, the more clearly the specialists will understand where to move. This will allow you to recreate an atmosphere in which the customer will be pleased and inspired.
  3.     Selection of the appropriate style of furniture and decorative elements. We add to the sketches not only products of our production, as well as other companies. You can independently describe the list of objects that need to be included in the picture, or completely trust our designers who will select elements for the style and gamut.
  4.     Creation of sketches for individual items - unique tables, sofas, stands and cabinets. For your interior design, you can also order the development of individual furniture objects according to individual ideas. We design furniture in a unique design presentation, and then we will produce it in our own production.
  5.     Arrangement of objects around the perimeter of the room, taking into account the real size of the area and objects. At this stage we create drawings and 3D slides for a good example.
  6.     Making changes if formulated by the customer after the first viewing of the thumbnails.
  7.     Finalization and final presentation, design of electronic files or album production.

We advise our clients at any stage of cooperation and enthusiastically embody creative ideas. Our goal is to recreate a detailed picture that you definitely want to implement further in your repair business.

Custom interior design: why do we need a design project?

The visual representation of the layout is important for the design of spaces, as it is a professional transformation of rooms where there is no superfluous and everything is sustained in a single direction. Studio designers competently distribute elements, which allow to:

  • optimize clearance costs;
  • see a picture of the rooms before arranging;
  • adjust the items until they are purchased;
  • get documentation for performers;
  • plan a compact arrangement of objects.

It often happens that a person prefers some directions and combinations, but cannot tie it into one full-fledged picture. A project with 3D sketches helps to see a room with a particular color of walls, with a certain distribution of furniture and with the presence of a specific decor. So you can "play" with the interior, change materials or colors. Visualization using photorealistic sketches makes it possible to see the situation long before the start of construction and repair work.

Where one orders professional interior design?

Studio Cube 44 offers to order an interior design project from our leading masters. Our experts will prepare detailed drawings with the distribution of all elements:

  • partitions;
  • outlets;
  • furniture;
  • household appliances;
  • lighting devices.

We will draw up plans for the laying of materials and distribution over the area in accordance with the proportions. We also demonstrate a scan of each wall and the general plan, with volumetric objects in a special sketch. We will listen to additional suggestions for corrections, what you liked and what you prefer to remove. After making the last corrections, we will prepare documentation for the repair and construction team.

If you are looking for where to order interior design with professional development and favorable conditions, then use the services of the Cube 44 workshop. In cooperation with us, we provide:

  1.     Detailed informational support - we advise and explain any points.
  2.     Transparent rates. We calculate individually with the calculation of $ 3 per sq. meter.
  3.     A full range of actions on the design project of any specializations - workers and residential buildings.
  4.     Competent conduct of your business - the qualified designers of our studio with many years of experience are responsible for the project. You can see our works in the portfolio.
  5.     Profile documentation - electronic documents and files or a detailed album with photorealistic samples.

Call us or leave a request on the website to place an order for interior design and specify all the details of cooperation.